Liquefied petroleum gas is a non-renewable resource made of different hydrocarbon compounds, mostly propane and butane, that are odorless and colorless gases at room temperature. Therefore, LPG would be odorless too, if manufacturers did not add that unpleasant odor we know. It is because of safety reasons: LPG is not toxic but inhaling it in large quantities can cause faint.

LPG industry

Of course, in normal conditions, LPG is gaseous too. With cooling and pressure, producers are forcing the material to change its state to liquid. Storing and transporting with care is essential.

LPG fuel and energy

Liquefied petroleum gas can be used in many different ways. It is used by companies, it is used by households. Transportation, heating and cooking, power plants are the main users of LPG, but even the commercial industry and healthcare find its ways to make use of LPG.

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